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URM Buying and Selling Guide

We look forward to helping you reinvent your home, as we get to know you and your unique goods. Here’s everything you need to know about buying and selling. Or feel free to contact us on the details below.

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Make room in your home and heart for something new.  Let us take care of everything, while you sit back and wait for your items to sell.

Our service is safe, hassle free, and there’s no charge whatsoever until your items have sold. Once they have, our split is 40/60, meaning you take home 60% of the earnings.

How it works: If you’re ready to part with 8 pieces or more, send an email to Please include photos, original price (if possible), designer name, and the condition of each item you wish to sell. Our team will review your submission and arrange a free in-home appointment to (professionally) photograph, measure, price, and record every detail of your items.

Our experienced curators will price your furniture according to condition, brand name, age, and original retail price. We do extensive research on an item’s market value through auctions and other consignment channels.

As a rule, furniture resale is generally priced between 60–80% of the full retail price.

Once you’ve approved pricing, we will list your items for sale on our online gallery and market them through email newsletters, social media, and our design blog. Items remain in your possession until they sell, after which time we will arrange a mutually agreed upon pick-up date (usually Saturday mornings). If an item doesn’t sell, it’s still yours.

We accept quality home furnishings, including new and gently used furniture, lighting, and accessories that are in good-to-excellent condition. Antiques are welcome too. We accept items that we feel are current, stylish and sellable.

Many items listed on URM are high-end, designer, custom, antique, modern and vintage pieces. Many designers include Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Block and Chisel and many other diverse outlets, with the list ever growing. We also have non-branded items from around the Globe.

Please understand that although we would love to take everything, we have to keep the wants and needs of our Buyers in mind as well. Therefore, some items will have to be turned down to ensure our collections stay fresh.


The fun part. Browse our site for local treasures, both individually and as curated collections.

Our Buyers gain access to a well-vetted trove of upscale home furnishings and décor, coming direct to you from the owner at exceptional value. We offer design lovers immediate gratification through free, local pick up of purchases. If you’d rather have your item delivered, we’re happy to connect you with our trusted movers.

Because most items are held in the Sellers’ homes until sale, we are unable to allow potential customers to view items in person. However, we make 100% certain to document and photograph the exact condition of each piece in our listings, including any flaws or damage. Occasionally, with the Seller’s permission, we are able to offer previews on certain items. Please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Buyers can also shop from an exclusive selection of talented local artists and vendors and enjoy the sense of pride that comes from supporting local businesses and talent in our community.

Terms of Service

All you will need to know about buying and selling with the URM team!