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urbanREmarket is a new kind of marketplace for buying and selling pre-owned décor in our community.


Make room in your home and heart for something new. Let us take care of everything, while you sit back and wait for your items to sell. There’s no charge until they do.


The fun part. Browse our site for local treasures, both individually and as curated collections. Or ask us to source specific pieces to fulfill your lifestyle. It’s our pleasure and our passion.

urbanREmarket is a new kind of marketplace for buying and selling pre-owned décor, while at the same time showcasing the talented people who live in our community. We provide a unique opportunity for shoppers to gain access to exclusive brands, bespoke furniture, vintage and antique finds, all conveniently available for sale online.  Our team of curators handpicks our fabulous collections of furniture, art, and other items allowing you to shop with confidence.

A home says everything about a person. Which means it’s your divine right to reinvent, reenergise and reimagine yours, until your vision of perfection is fully realised… then start over. It’s an endless voyage of self discovery; falling in and out of love with various items as you constantly redefine what defines you. And nothing could excite us more than making that journey as joyous and effortless as possible.

Local Focus with a Global Twist

Our inventory is sourced from private sellers, designers and retailers in the greater Denver and Boulder County areas, along with an unique array of pieces from around the world and are all searchable entirely online. As a customer, this means you can choose from our beautifully curated assortment of wares and enjoy the cost efficiency of buying pre-loved and locally. You can browse furniture online, and then pick up any purchases almost immediately. As a seller, you have the option to keep your items in your home until they’re sold.

Standards are High

Our focus is on high-end home décor, which means we accept and sell goods from only the best designers and manufacturers, Sample brands you’ll find on our site include Restoration Hardware, Block & Chisel SA, Flamont, Manolo Blahnik, Peter Osborn SA, Yamaha, Gallery One Kilkenny Design Ire, Wynberg Furnishers SA, Sisbley Adams SA, Drexel, along with a selection of high-quality vintage pieces, and one-of-a-kind works from artists and artisans.

White Glove Seller Service 

As a consignor with URM, you’ll experience start-to-finish service. Once your items are up on our website we promote them through our blog, social media channels, and print and digital advertising.  All you have to do is sit back and wait for the call that they’re sold. Once that happens, we’ll even arrange the pickup. Find out more about selling here.

We are constantly on the hunt for hidden treasures and promise to continually feature one-of-a-kind designs with you in mind!

 Jan Egan
Jan Egan Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Jan is described as a connoisseur of home design, who has made hers in almost every corner of the globe. A native of Ireland, she has enjoyed the unique lifestyles of several stunning cities, including Madrid, Cape Town, Dubai, London, New York, and most recently, the Mile-High City of Denver. These past two decades of international discovery have keenly informed her sense of the fabulous and provided inspiration for the creation of urbanREmarket.

Moving your family around the world is a tremendously exciting experience, but one that also brings its challenges. Establishing a home in a new country means constantly balancing the familiar with the exotic, so that a family can feel both comfortable in and inspired by their new city. Of course, this means frequently recycling furniture in order to make room for new pieces.

This relentless—yet joyous—balancing act, coupled with her background in business and marketing, laid the foundations for a bright new idea. Instead of entrusting her beloved items to an online auction house, she would create a unique service to facilitate their buying and selling. Today, urbanREmarket caters to the tastes and convenience of thousands.

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